RoTIC 21

Web Design & Development

ME RoTIC is the gold standard for serving the rotating machinery sector in the oil and gas industry. RoTIC 21 is the largest event for rotating machinery technology in the oil and gas industry. The company tasked us with improving the UI/UX design and front-end implementation of their main website. The re-design aimed to increase customer conversion rate for critical areas such as event ticketing, as well as the member dashboards and streamline the overall features with quality by staying consistent with the existing visual design.

Working with Koala Digitale was a true pleasure. With the help of Derek and his team of professionals, we managed to go live with the first version of our website within 4 weeks. Koala Digitale understood exactly what we wanted and helped us make the right decisions regarding design, content and structure. Our digital success was largely dependent on their involvement and commitment.

Benedict Samuel Benedict Samuel Managing Partner, Aldrich International

Together with the client’s input, we analysed the website’s user behaviour and identified the bottlenecks we needed to resolve. We developed the improved website with advanced tools and introduced new ticket system to transform to the new digital era. The improved website allows for better navigation through all the event categories, faster search and easier registration. Every element of the UI/UX experience was carefully considered and designed.

One of the critical areas of improvement lead to the creation of the completely new abstract rating center for the executive members. The rating involves various rating variables given by the members to put together the top rated choices for the speakers for the event. We proposed an original and custom interface that allows members to navigate the different abstracts with ease, and without having to spend much effort. The rating system works elegantly both on desktop computers and mobile devices.

The ticketing system allows for the fast and easy registration that send you the tickets to the attendies email with QR/barcodes for scanning at the event entrance. The new UI makes selecting tickets easy.

Content writing & translation was one of the crucial and most important part of the website, not only for the SEO but also to attract the visitors and convert them to attendies. With the new website we introduced the arabic translation if required since the event is primarly focused at the Middleeast Market

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